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While in college studying Journalism, I was shooting some pictures for a story about students’ practical experience. I chose to shoot the Pastry students booth at the career fair. The Pastry students had created all sorts of interesting desserts and dishes. I chatted with one of the students, got their thoughts on the program, and got the shot.

The photo worked out great. It was run in the student paper. I received a good grade for it. I was very happy.

Later I was volunteering for a start-up sports website. I got my first assignment and dove in. I spent hours and hours at different high school and college games. I wanted to get my employer as much variety as possible. When I delivered, he hated all the shots. I was devastated.

It took me a while realize that I wasn’t a bad photographer. It was just my style that didn’t work for him. The lesson from those two experiences was invaluable. I learned adaptation. I focused on learning my client and the audience before deciding my creative path. I believe that this adapted skill has got me to where I am today.