Get a new coat!

I live in Winnipeg…I can tell your thinking to yourself why? Well because I was born here that’s why! There’s that and also the fact that I actually like it here, yes that’s right I like it. I’ve traveled a lot and lived outside Winnipeg for a short time so I’ve had a taste for other cities and I’m happy to call Winnipeg home.

Let’s talk about the horse in the room right now, Winnipeg winters. That term will put fear in even the warmest of hearts. This year was the coldest December in 120 years and the coldest combined December and January in 64 years. For me though it wasn’t that cold at all. This year, before winter hit, I bought a new coat. It hadn’t occurred to me that I needed a new coat, the 10 year old fall coat that I had was still in working order, or so I thought. My wife was kind enough to point out that maybe it was time to get a new one. OK, so it turns out she was right, my blind attachment to my beloved jacket was keeping me from realizing the obvious, that I live in Winter-peg and needed a winter coat.

So like most men who shop I had purchased a warm new coat in about 45 minutes. Now as the winter progressed and the arctic vortex circled the complaints started rolling in about the terrible weather and how awful things were. I didn’t feel like things were that different than any other winter, ya it was cold out, but it’s always cold in winter. I didn’t dread going outside and even went for some winter walks. It took me a bit of time to realize that even though this was the coldest winter in decades that my new coat had provided me with a perspective I hadn’t had in 10 years. This year by purchasing a new winter coat I armed myself with the right tool to overcome the harsh environment. The lesson I learned was instead of complaining I should ask myself if I’ve done all I can to gain a better perspective. What can you do to improve your outlook on a situation? Maybe all you need is a new coat!

Tim Hobbs Manness