If living in the Red River Valley taught me one thing…

We thought we bought high. If growing up the Red River Valley taught me one thing, it was that if I ever buy a home, buy on high ground. So when we bought a home in Calgary 20 years ago that was a main criteria. We bought in a community called Riverbend, but it had never flooded in the history of the city. We were a 1/4 mile from the river and many feet higher than the banks so I was confident water, at least too much of it, would be a problem for us.
Turns out that it wasn’t but we sure got a scare, as Cheryl tells about in her blog below. What struck me was how small we are when Mother Nature chooses to move. On the Thursday we were told to leave our home I felt incredibly helpless.
Other than some inconvenience, we escaped unscathed. But so many in this province have had their lives change dramatically. Homes that would have sold for hundreds of thousand of dollars a few weeks ago risk being condemned. Trailer parks that resemble refugee camps are being erected to hose people for what may well be a year. A senior home is residing in college and can stay as long as they need to. Its crazy.

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