Introducing myself

If you have called Impact Group in the past few months, you have most likely heard “Impact Group, Heidi Speaking” and probably have wondered who this new person is. Well, I would like to officially introduce myself: Hello, I’m Heidi!

I have recently started working for Impact Group as an Office Manager. My family moved to Calgary in April of this year. My husband, Chris, also works for Impact Group as a Web Specialist. We have two wonderful daughters aged 7 and 5 years who are in grade 2 and Kindergarten.

Our family moved from Abbotsford, BC where I used to run a daycare out of my home. Some have said that I must have had the easiest job – all I had to do was play with kids all day. Playing with kids was the highlight of my days, but in case anyone is wondering – running a daycare is so much more involved than that.

I have found the job change from running a daycare to being an office manager actually requires many of the same skills…

Running a daycare involves organization, patience, planning, cleaning, patience, business management skills, playing, and have I mentioned patience yet?

Being and office manager involves organization, patience, planning, and business management skills.

I have found the biggest difference between the two jobs is…the amount of patience required (and the amount of diapers changed) when working with 7 children 6 years old and younger versus working with adults.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the change of jobs and the move to Calgary. And I look forward to meeting and working with you all.

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