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The English Evolution

I had a professor in University who was very concerned with the evolution of language that is happening in our society today. It is inevitable, of course, and has been happening since the English language began, but what we are reducing some things to, today, I agree, is a bit alarming.

Some of the most common words we use on a daily basis aren’t even words. For example, “OMG,” “WTF,” “LOL.” We’ve reduced our language to a few letters. Are words really that complicated? I understand that we use this language because we type more than we speak, but soon no one will be able to read classic literature because it uses English words that won’t have meaning to the general public anymore.

Webster’s Dictionary, the most commonly used American dictionary (not to be confused with the Oxford English Dictionary) has now included words like “Youtuber,” “sexting,” “bazinga,” “butt-dial,” “slanglish,” etc.

It has also included “misjustice” as a word with the definition “injustice.” Just because people can’t seem to figure out the proper word, we have to create a new one? What was wrong with “injustice”? This is a literary injustice, if you ask me.

I get that if language didn’t evolve we would all still be saying “thou” instead of “you” or “shalt” instead of “will,” but are there no bounds to which something can be deemed a proper word?