Welcoming Chris & Heidi

Chris Brown has agreed to join Impact Group as our  web specialist and if you scroll down you can read his blog where he introduces himself rather well.

Chris’s started with us last summer on an interim basis and quickly demonstrated great skill at his craft. We are very glad to have him with us full time.

The most exciting part, is that he and his family are moving to Calgary later this spring. Its a big step for all involved. Chris’ wife, Heidi will also be joining our team after the move.

On behalf of Impact Group, I can say that we are very grateful that this talented young couple has the belief and trust in our company to make this step of faith.

We welcome you both with open arms!


Watch Michigan Closely – US Election Post #6

All those with an interest in US politics will be watching the results of the Michigan Primary with great interest on February 28. It’s Mitt Romney’s home state and currently he is behind Rick Santorum in the polls, there. If Santorum wins, Romney may not be able to “stop the bleeding.”

The GOP’s seem to be polarizing and many think that Romney is too liberal. Many others think he lacks substance. Rick Santorum finally ditched the sweater vests and is starting to look more Presidential and people are noticing. If he wins Michigan, he will have great momentum going into Super Tuesday when 10 states hold their primaries. If Santorum does well then, “we’ve got a real canoe tipper!”


So maybe I was wrong… US Election Post #5

Maybe there  is a contest after all. I had said previously that MItt Romney had the Republican nomination sewn up if he won the Florida primary, which he did. He was waltzing through the early contests. All he needed one win in the 3 state contests on February 7, which he did not.  Oops.

Romney lost the Missouri primary big, and both Minnesota and Colorado caucuses and so the momentum has officially switched to Rick Santorum. Santorum is still behind in number of delegates to the convention, but now he is the new golden child of the GOP’s and they haven’t had one in awhile. Even if he loses, he’s the front runner for 2016 “and that ain’t nothin’.”


Try something new!

“What would be the use of doing great things if I could have a better time telling her what I was going to do?” Jay Gatsby from the book The Great Gatsby

The one thing that separates good from great businesses and good from great individuals is the courage to try things. We get caught up in talking about doing the right thing, waiting for the one thing that will be successful instead of doing a bunch of things that may not be quite as successful. The challenge with waiting for the right thing, the one thing, is that we often don’t determine what that thing is, so we don’t do anything.

As businesses we continue to do the same thing, the same way we always have. We are afraid of trying something new and having it fail. We depend on what made us successful to continue to deliver our success. We assume, as employees, we have no place in suggesting something new, in starting something new. And if we do, it better be something world changing! But success doesn’t come in one shape or one size. It can be as simple as taking the initiative of oiling the squeaky front door! Success!

If we initiate something we do open ourselves up to criticism, however, we also open ourselves up to launching a successful project and potential praise. Unfortunately we usually won’t start something because we view it as risky and risk is often associated with failure. I’m sure we would try more things if we would only realize that the biggest failure is in not even trying and that the cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.

So instead of just talking about doing things, let’s try some things and see what happens!



It’s nice to meet you!

I’m looking forward to getting back into blogging but I thought my first post should be a bit of an introduction as I’m sure many have been wondering who the new dapper young chap on the website is.

Chris Brown at your service, and I’m pleased to digitally meet you! Here are my vitals…

Marital status: married

Children: Two daughters—Alysha (6) and Madison (4)

Location: We all live in Abbotsford, BC but in May we’ll be moving to Calgary to be closer to Bass Pro Shop (but also for work)

Times being attacked by giant poisonous jellyfish: 1

Most steps taken in a day so far this year: 12142

Favorite quote: “There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don’t

Personal Interests: Other than spending time with the kids, I love walks on the beach (scouting for good fishing spots). I follow politics through the lens of late-night comedy. I like to try new things.

Professional Interests: I’m really passionate about the web and User Experience (UX) design. I’m fascinated by how people interact with technology, and I enjoy studying what makes user interfaces engaging and unique.

On weekends I can be found: Wherever there is dim sum, a Canucks game, fish, a barbecue, a good movie, or a hammock. And if you’re planning a party with all of the above, I’ll bring the wine.


3rd thing we learned from Florida Primary – Post 4

Rick Santorum is looking like a great VP choice for Mitt Romney. Santorum will keep in the GOP race but he won’t win. Newt Gingrich won’t either. I say this considering that Newt got as much GOP energy to win Florida as is possible and he still only got 2/3 of what Romney got. He needed to do far better. Candidate Rick Perry withdrew last week and supported Newt. Sarah Palin endorsed him as the only true Tea Party supporter ( I don’t think that actually helped him), and then Herman Cain endorsed him on Monday (ditto). All this after Newt won South Carolina. (And he should, considering he is a Congressman from their neighbour state, Georgia). With all that, and his poor showing he can’t win unless there is a major skeleton in Mitt’s closet.

So with the next big thing for GOP’s being who Mitt’s running mate will be, and Rick Santorum gets Mitt more of the Christian right vote in the south that they lost last election. And he gets Pennsylvania ( his state)  Ohio, a major swing state, that along with Florida, went Democrat  last time. A Romney/Santorum ticket has a legitimate shot at these 3 swing states which represent 67 electoral votes and it wins them the election because it swings the balance of the states that are not already a given and pushes them over 270 votes they need to win. I didn’t think this a month ago but its possible.

If you want to check, go to and try the math yourself.

Oh yea. Santorum has to say yes if asked. And that is another story.


2nd thing we learned from Florida primary – Post 3

For the first time in this election season, I think the Democrats are nervous. They had a wonderful opportunity if Newt Gingrich won Florida. It would have put Mitt Romney on his heals and he would have had to crank up the attacking rhetoric against his GOP opponents which he has avoided to date. He don’t need to do that now. What is most impressive is that the Democrats took a big swing at him. The day before the State of the Union, media pressure, likely prompted by the Democrat PR machine, forced Mitt to make his tax return public. $42,000,000 in income and paying only 15% tax. Then President Obama makes the pivot point in the state of the Union about taxing millionaires who don’t pay their fair share. He said 30% would be fair. Six months ago, Warren Buffet said the same thing after he disclosed that he paid less tax by % than his janitor. So with all this Mitt could have been quite “red faced” coming out of Florida if he lost. But he didn’t. So now the fight for the White House is on. Because the fight for the GOP nomination is all but over.


1st thing we learned from the Florida Primary – Post 2

Mitt won’t be caught. And he shouldn’t be if the GOP’s want a shot in November. He has battled against everything the rest of the  GOP field has thrown at him from his tax return to his Mormonism still  and got over 40% of the vote. More importantly it is in a very important electoral state (3rd most important actually behind California 56 and Texas 38. New York has 29 also but usually votes Democrat). Florida is a swing state and it always makes the Democrats nervous when the candidate who wins the nomination has also won big in a swing state. This is a big victory for Mitt Romney.


To be honest…

Ever notice how often people say “to be honest” or “to be completely honest” or “to be totally honest” or ” to be perfectly honest” ? I am noticing it more and more, especially when I say it, and its a peculiar phrase. Because, what does it mean if I didn’t say it ? That  I wasn’t going to be honest, or not completely honest, or totally dishonest or imperfectly honest? That likely isn’t the intent but it makes me pause. To be honest, it makes we wonder why I say it at all.


Steppin’ Up

Us at Impact Group have been upping our game in the world of physical activity… but only because we have to.

In participating in Grow’s Walk Across the Grow Map challenge we are attempting to take more steps. We have created a simultaneous Impact Group challenge, at the end of which someone will win the coveted prize (which has yet to be determined).

We have been logging the steps we’re taking every day and the simple action of entering a number into an online tracking system has created a buzz of competition throughout the office.

This isn’t to say that everyone at Impact Group is completely inactive, but the added pressure is definitely making a difference. I find myself walking on the spot while waiting for a fax to send and I heard that Chris has been attempting to walk back and forth from his kitchen to the computer a few more times a day.

I would also like to mention that my dad and I actually started this trend. We were the first to receive pedometers through anther outlet and were making erroneous steps around the office while others snickered at us. But now we are looked upon as the seasoned steppers, so who’s snickering now?