When do the holidays really start?

I would say that I am one of those people who gets excited for the holidays as soon as there is snow on the ground.

In my house there are rules. I am not allowed to watch Christmas movies before November 1st.¬†Well, I guess that’s really the only rule, so I should consider myself lucky.

But why is it that people get sick of holiday paraphernalia?

To me, the holidays are more about the attitude. The spirit of giving (not gifts) to others. A reminder of how lucky I am and that I live in a pretty beautiful city.

Whether your holiday spirit is spending the extra time at Tim Horton’s to ask the cashiers how their day has been, making a stranger smile by letting them go ahead of you in the checkout because they have less items than you, or maybe shoveling your neighbours walk, the important part of the holiday season is that we change our attitudes (for a short time as least).

I tend to slow myself down a bit more during holiday times. Obviously, I usually have some time off. But I think that people should look at how the holidays make them feel. If you don’t like the holidays because you think they are expensive, busy, overly joyful, or too sparkly then maybe you need to adjust the way you look at them?

Hopefully we can all try to carry the holiday spirit into 2013.


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