Yay for the Fitbit!

We have started another step challenge at Impact Group and a few of us have gotten Fitbits to help us through it.

First of all, having a new piece of technology is always motivating in the quest towards fitness. This first time I felt the Fitbit’s triumphant vibration on my wrist telling me that I completed my goal, I felt as though someone, somewhere was watching me and rooting for me to succeed (that is not meant to creep you out). I know that the Fitbit isn’t powered by a person hiding behind a screen, but encouragement from an outside source is always helpful.

Second of all, this particular piece of technology, although it doesn’t work with my lowly iPhone 4, is built with the user in mind. Not only does it inform you of how close you are to your goal with light-up dots on your wrist, it also is accompanied by an app that keeps you updated with everything going on with your body. Awareness is the best thing when trying to be healthy, so seeing the statistics of your day on your phone only helps to provoke you to try to harder.

And there are options for multiple colours!

I’m not one to endorse technology, but I think the Fitbit is a great step for mankind.


Jenny Flaman

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